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outdoor : cabin retreat houses design ideas - large triangle cabin house with small porch and firewood storage | at dekorify

Cabin Retreat Houses Design Ideas

Visiting mountains, lakes, or beaches on weekends can refresh your mind and soul after working at weekdays. These places provide a refreshing feel and natural scenery, much different from the urban atmosphere. If you often...

decoration : simple and stylish ideas of mini home bar design - excellent leather tufted home mini bar table with stools | at dekorify

Simple And Stylish Ideas Of Mini Home Bar Design

Having a home bar is not always dominated by big houses. Now, stock home bar furniture is in smaller size, so for small apartment is easy to install home mini bar. With a little creativity,...

interior : stunning wine cellar ideas for home - colonial wine cellar with corner semi-circle sofa | at dekorify

Stunning Wine Cellar Ideas For Home

People may ask "Could a wine cellar be placed anywhere in the house?" The answer is yes, but please note that wine cellar is best placed with high humidity. So wherever the location it will...

outdoor : outdoor living space use fire pit ideas - outdoor fire pit with blue gravel conversation pit idea | at dekorify

Outdoor Living Space Use Fire Pit Ideas

Warmth chatting with family and outside activities can be facilitated by fire pit. Not only with family members, making campfires and BBQ events with friends, colleagues, or your neighbors will be fun. And it can...

interior : 3d effect for interior wall decor ideas - chevron pattern 3d effect wall tiles idea | at dekorify

3D Effect For Interior Wall Decor Ideas

Creating 3d effects for interior decoration can produce dramatic impression that will amaze people. The walls are interior parts that easily to be exploited. You can use 3d wall sticker for the cheapest cost, or...